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It's a good app but I'm getting really sick of having to log in twice whenever I open the app

New update is awful, wish I'd never updated!

We can no longer see our child's schedule as a whole including teachers. We went to open house and were supposed to use our electronic schedule. We had to keep clicking on each subject to see the teacher's name. There is a lot less information now. I'm using my old iPod touch that can't update to view because this is a downgrade in my opinion.

I don’t like my grade

I am getting b- all the time

No push notifications

Some reason now I’m not receiving push notifications on my iPhone even though they’re enabled. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still nothing but they work on my old iPad mini. Please figure this out

I can't see my grades

My grades can no longer be seen and instead of showing me my grade and percent it says no grade. It's nearly the end of the school year and it was working fine till now I don't know my grades.

Only good for notifications

Honestly, the only reason to get this app is to get the grade notifications. Half the time I try to see my grades I cant log in and have to re install the app to be able to.😑 Theres no refresh, my GPA doesnt show up and its slow asf. This is a mess...


My school has been using this app and website for awhile now to show our grades. It worked for most of the year but recently it has been complete trash. No one can log in. People already logged in can no longer see any of their grades. It has been a complete disappointment and sad that you still can’t seem to figure out this problem and fix it. Really wish my school didn’t use PowerSchool.

Doesn’t update my grades!

When I get a new grade in it will give me a notification saying “your grade in Spanish has changed to __” and then I go into the app and check my grade and it will be the same as before but if I go on my laptop and look at PowerSchool it will show me the changed grade. This is very bothersome because my phone is my primary source of checking my grades so this should be powerschool’s primary problem to fix!!


The app is nice to check grades, that’s about it there isn’t a swipe down refresh option that everything else has(simple but useful) the app just doesn’t seem to function right. I feel that if I shake my phone my grades change and I never know when the app has refreshed. I would love the app if it had that 1 simple thing which it needs.

Update messed up notifications

Emails are no longer coming in HTML format, but in plain text, and I am getting one email for each class, plus attendance announcements, and balance alert so NINE emails everyday. In other words a pain to read and overly intrusive with the volume. These formerly came all in one email and fully formatted.


Fix my grades. Do my homework please.


I actually love it I see no problems with the app and I can see my really awesome grades😄

Can’t get ok Student powerschool only Parents

i go to check my grades but i can’t get on student it will only let me go to parent

This is app is awful

This app is terrible you can’t even login to check your grades

Why is the rating 2.2 stars?

I had read the first review and it talked mostly about old features. That’s why I want PowerSchool to also have those old features. This app is great. You don’t need classroom numbers and things like that on the first day. You will figure it out on the first day of school. Writing this review, it’s the second to last month of school. Any who, my mom has used this app hundreds of times throughout my grade levels. I’ve been on top of my work BUT have gotten in trouble when I got a D or F. I’ve turned over a new leaf and now I’ve gotten All A’s. I mostly thank this app though. Thank you! - From A Very Weird Person :) (Have a nice day/night/afternoon)

Won’t let me sign in

I had PowerSchool in my older phone but when I upgraded to my X it won’t let me sign in and type in my district code


The app was fine before the most recent update but now it won’t switch to my current quarter so I can’t check my grades and gpa which is the whole point of the app. I would have to have this fixed as soon as possible.

Love the app so helpfup

Love this app it is sooooo helpful and everything that I need is in one place!!!! Thank the Lord's that you made this app!


Ever since they released the new app, the app is slow!! IT TAKES FOREVER to load grades.


It should always give us our gpa for our grades before the quarter ends and we should know how well we are doing at that point in time.

Won’t let me log in

Lately it’s been working but now it just shows screen of choosing the district code. But then it shows up a different log in page rather than SchoolNet and I can’t see my grades because it says “invalid password.” Even though it’s not SchoolNet.

Fix this app

Please fix this app!!!!!! it never updates or loads anything!!

Needs a refresh button!

Please bring back the refresh button or the “swipe down to refresh.” It is very needed! When I enter the app I do not know if the grades are accurate and up to date or if they haven’t refreshed yet. Please give the refresh option!

App clearly is broken


Not happy

Always takes forever for the quarters to switch! Also when updating it doesn’t move old assignments to the end. Just not happy with this app and really wish my school system would use something else.

Please fix it

Does not let me go in or see my grades

Poor quality at best.

I have never experienced an app with less intelligence. I feel as though the designers of the app wanted to make it as complicated as possible, so bad students couldn’t even figure out how to check their grades. Perhaps it should be easier to activate, I don’t know, so parents can check their kids grades? Nah that’s too easy. The devs must want parents to be irritated (from the app) before they ever see their child’s grades so the poor kid doesn’t have a chance. 0/10 would not recommend.

Push notifications

Push notifications not working for iphone 6 plus or iphone 8 plus. Please fix bugs.


This app is terrible! Horrible glitch displaying a bunch of “NC’s”?? What is this? Need fixing immediately!!

Can you put no stars?

This is a horrible attempt at an app that never works. The app never refreshes to they newest grades. I end up using the website on the iPhone.

I don’t like it

I don’t like this app because, it does not take my password for it and a know it is the right password. That is why I dislike this app.

I h8 this app

My parents can see my Gucci grades😘❤️😡🤬😤🤯

I hate it it ruined my life 🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾🖕🏾



Since the update the app won’t even open

I can't sign in

I can't sign in my PowerSchool it says invalid username and password!!

Please Add a Refresh Button

I’ve been using the PowerSchool app for High School this year to keep an eye on my grades. What bothers me the most is the fact that I can’t move dashboard display to the next quarter. I have to wait for all of my teachers to post at least one grade for the new quarter. That an the fact it is very difficult to make the app refresh. I will get a notification that my grade has changed but it will take the app a few minutes to figure out the new grade even if I have a good signal. Beyond that I haven’t noticed any other problems

Ash p doesn’t work

The PowerSchool App was always less than perfect, but now it has stopped working completely. Tech support suggested deleting and reinstalling, but I can’t even get back on now. They have no answer for the issues the App is having. Maybe someday it will work again.


Ok so I just downloaded this app today and SO FAR it's going pretty well. It's a BIT laggy but it's OKKKKKKKKKK. And btw what's a GPA? -Panda lover girl <3 I LOVE THIS APP FORGET ABOUT WHAT I SAID LIKE WEEKS AGO I LOVE IT ITS A GREAT WAY TO CHECK MY GRADES HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Can’t sign in


Power school in general is just really sloppy and a lot of things could be a lot better. The biggest annoyance is that I get a notification that my grade has changed and I go to look at it but the app takes forever to reload and show what my grade actually is. But the website does. And yesterday it signed me out of the app, I tried to log back in but it kept saying invalid username, deleted the app and it still wouldn’t work, and then I used the SAME username and pass on the website and it worked. Please fix

Could be more useful!

It would be extremely helpful for students if the app displayed grades as decimals instead of rounding. Adding a "what if?" function to let students calculate their possible grades would also be very useful!

Does not load

I will get a notification and when I click on it the app does not say the same as the notification. the grade is different. it's like the app didn't update my grades. i'll close out of the app and reopen it but what my notification said is different than what the app says. confusing to read. no room numbers. not a fan.

This is a cruel joke

Child 1, class 1: Click click click - oh no information Child 1, class 2: Click click click, scroll - oh, there is something there. Click, empty. And so it goes for 8 classes and 3 kids. What ever happened to a one or even two page summary?


I put in the right district code and it just keeps on loading and loading


This app is literally useless. For the longest time my grades, attendance, etc. were stuck in January. So here I am in MARCH, not knowing my grades or attendance STILL. So I decided to delete and re-download the app, but now it won’t even load past the district code. Extremely unhelpful and useless.


It is an amazing online program especially for parents and students and even teachers can use it when they are on the go and grading papers to pop the grades in the grade book

No title

I hate this app because my parents get to see my grades

Keeps logging me out

The app is easy to navigate, but it logs me out every time I close the app and I always have to log in twice to access my account because it bumps me out the first time while it’s “authenticating”. Please please fix this.

Terrible App

It never accepts my school account. I’m 100% positive I’m putting in the right stuff, but yet it doesn’t even accept it. Very annoying.

It wont refresh my grades even though my teachers submitted them

It wont refresh my grades even though my teacher has submitted them and i deleted it and tried to redownload it but it hasn’t downloaded in eight hours with wifi.

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