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Shows my failing grade


The problem is that the grades take a while to load.

App ain’t working

I just started using this app since my school had change so many things . But the app won’t let me see nun of my grades etc... it just says that I’m not assigned to any class or even my grades. Which doesn’t make sense 🙃 can y’all do some to fix it cause I’m trying to keep up with it and get certain reminders that I need to keep up with . Which is not helping at all in this moment 🙃.

work won’t for anyone at my school that has an iphone

powerschool isn’t working on ios at my school like no one can use it . it gives notifications but the actual app won’t load for ios users. android users can get on powerschool and that’s ridiculous!! please fix so my school can see our grades !! lol thank you


I can’t see my gpa

Things need to add

You should add how many Notifications we get from school. Like the number signs from the app in red that appears with numbers. It’ll be more easer to see the messages. 😀

This app is horrible but my school uses it😞

This app is so unstable and it takes forever to load your previous grades. I will always check PowerSchool after a test or quiz is graded but PowerSchool takes minutes to refresh with all your new grades not allowing you to quickly glance at it while between periods. I would say the main focus right now should be making the grades show up instantly upon opening the app and also fixing the issue where your grades will not sync.

So far, worthless

I have setup an account and am able to login on any computer I try or directly through the website. Can not login through the app. Kinda defeats the purpose

Keep me in

Every time I get in the app, it makes me log in TWICE! Couldn’t it just keep me logged in?

App doesn’t work

Keeps signing me out and won’t sync

Makes me depressed


Can’t log in

I login exactly as I do on the website, but it keeps telling me my username/password don’t exist for my district.


I have used this app for the past 7 yrs and it was fine until this year. It starts on Q2 instead of Q1 so you have to click on each class if you want to view the grades. I have taken this app on and off several times to see if it would help and nothing.

Some things need to be worked on

Sometimes I can get confused on how to go on PowerSchool on a laptop


It constantly says there are syncing issues now. It’s so frustrating.

Piece of crap

This app doesn’t let me log in and never has for over two years but the website works just fine, therefore this app is a piece of crap.


None of the information actually pops up on the app but I get every notification for when my grade is changed.

OK Service, terrible app

If you’re downloading this, it’s because your school uses PS, so I won’t bore you with that stuff. The app is full of issues from the start. When you begin, it forces you to sign in, but conveniently doesn’t have the “Sign in with Google” button, which is the ONLY way to sign in using Google, rendering the app COMPLETELY USELESS for half of users!


It said it was free, so I got it. It said I had already got it so it was going to be an additional charge! What the heck


I put my district code in and it won’t let me log in. All my friends from my school can access it but I can’t. I’ve tried it for almost 2 years now and it won’t work. Never has and I doubt it will cause y’all won’t fix it.


it’s 3 weeks into the school year and it still says it’s our for the summer when it’s september

Terrible design

I have kids in 2 districts, really 2 different independent schools - the app requires me to log in and out to see each Why? I am able to see multiple email accounts and calendars on my phone why not all my kids? Does powerschool only caters to parents with kids in one district? What if someone is divorced and some kids live with the other parent?

Doesn’t refresh

I have used this app for 2 years and it never will update my grade on the actual app. It will send me notifications of what my grade is and what I received on assignments but when I go into the app it will not show it!

doesn’t refresh

gives me an update changing my grade then doesn’t refresh to show what the actual assignment and grade that went in

Can’t login

Doesn’t let me type numbers


Not updating and showing current grades. Deleted app and tried to reinstall, now just get the spinning wheel of death while it looks up our district code.

What’s going on?

I love the idea of an app for PowerSchool and how easy it is to see your GPA and whatnot but I’m really disappointed right now. I’ve been using the app for a few years and I’ve problems with it before, but this is the worst. School just started but the app is telling me that I don’t have a grade in any class. It shows me each individual graded assignment, but I don’t have overall grades or a GPA. I checked the website, which has always worked better, and it gave me my grades in each class. I don’t understand why the app can’t do this very simple thing! Each update has seemed to make the app worse and I’m unhappy with the confusing nature of some of the tabs. There seem to be many icons that should be buttons but they don’t do anything. I like the new look of the app, but what’s happening?? Am I the only one?


It glitches too much

It doesn’t work I can’t even log in everything is right.


Not even worth a star...

tried logging into my powerschool and it didn’t log in. very disappointed. 😕 p.s I even made sure my password was correct.


User friendliness of a tax form, would probably work well for prison institutions.


good app

Absolute GARAGE!!!

It won't even let me past the login screen. After an hour of fumbling around to find the District Code, I couldn't use my login info (which works fine on the website) to get in. Complete garbage, would not recommend.

Can't Login

It would let me login to my account it keep thinking I'm a parent

Can’t get a hold of tech support

Terrible tech support service!


The dashboard keeps reverting to the original settings every time I close out of the app. I edit it every time I open it, and every time I close out it goes back to the original. Very frustrating.

Lousy customer service!

Parents in my district cannot access anything if they own an apple product. Tried emailing them directly and I get the same stupid robot email back. We uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. as directed and nothing. Gave them our district code and everything, same robot email message back after emailing them three times. Way to go! School isn’t helping, just saying, oh it’s their tech....😡 NO it’s our kids grades!!!! 😡

Useless App

I was having problems with the APP updating (actually me and about two dozen or so other moms). So I deleted it from my phone and reinstalled it. Now, I can’t get in at all. It stalls when I try to look up our district’s code. Since I wrote it sown, I tried just plugging it in. It stalls when I do that too. It just sits there and churns. Totally useless!

Please fix

It doesn’t allow me to access my account on the Kpbsd district. It says my username and password are wrong...

Bad Grades

My teachers gave me bad grades.

New grades.

Add A+, S-, S, and S+ for grades above 100. Currently I have a 113% somehow.

Totally worthless!!!

This app has never worked for me. Our school district said we needed to delete the app and re-download it again. Still nothing. 100% useless!!!!

The Best!

My entire school uses PowerSchool, I love this app so much!!!!!


i vomit when i open up the app. it makes me cry

Most recent update

After the most recent update, the app won’t work at all. No matter how many times I refresh or attempt to view my kids grades, it says there is a timeout connecting to the server and the info is out of date. It never even loads. Ridiculous!!!

Won’t work at all

I use to enjoy using this app. However now The app won’t load. I have tried logging out and now can’t even get back into my account. I know a lot of parents and students that can’t get into their accounts either! Please fix this issue. I rely on this app to keep track of my child on a daily basis.


So I go logged in and stuff but nothing shows up. It says I have no classes or anything when I’m literally in school and the teachers talk about using it. It’s only on the app too... please fix that.

Doesn’t work

Really inconvenient because I can only see my grades from my computer so I have no idea what is in now. Sign in is broken.


PowerSchool has a very nice setup. It is easy to use and shows you everything you need to see. However, it does like to malfunction and crash a lot. But not too much. Still a good app.

Won’t load

When I log into the app it’s always loading and I never see my grades. It won’t show me my classes or my schedule. The only thing it shows me is my GPA. Please fix this soon.

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