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Can’t even log in!

This app was great, TILL I CANT LOG IN! I tried everything I could but I could not for the life of me simply log in.

What’s going on???

I know my login information by heart, but anytime I try to log in it says that I have the wrong information.

Terrible UI

Fire the team who did the UI. Just start from scratch


Even though I have the most up-to-date version it still does not update grades, etc. It still only shows my daughter’s grades from Quarter 3 and we are no longer in Quarter 3. When I notified support, they just told me they don’t know why it does that. Not very helpful at all. I just use the desktop version, but it would be really helpful if the app actually worked.

Multiple district option needed

I have used the PowerSchool app since it came out for my three children. I love being able to stay on top of their grades with a quick glance at the app. However my oldest child is now attending a private high school separate from my other children. His school also uses PowerSchool. So I have to choose between using the app for my younger two or my oldest because I can’t enter multiple district codes. I think the app should correct this and let parents enter the district code for each student in account settings.

Cuz I can

Cuz I want to give it five stars

Frick school

I don’t like school so take my one star

Great App

This is a amazing app!!! It has always keeps me on top of things. I really suggest this app.

Needs serious work

This app straight up doesn’t work. It takes excessive amounts of time to find a district and gets errors while actually signing in and when I am signed in, it doesn’t even update (problem syncing) all of grades and it’s been doing that for the past month. Fix this.


Not only is the App inconsistent in functionality, our school district so heavily relies on it that we as parents are chastised when we don’t watch it like a hawk. Gladly standing at the next school board meeting and advocating for something else.

No push notifications

Some reason now I’m not receiving push notifications on my iPhone even though they’re enabled. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and still nothing. This app was good in the beginning to keep up with my sons grades. It has gone down hill after the last few updates. Please fix

Doesnt send me no notifications for my grades or my attendence

I just had a new phone this april and PowerSchool was in the old phone, so I downloaded the app again, this time on my NEW phone and there was no notifications being received to my new phone, EVER! But why? What happened? I logged in to the same account and i even turned on notifications as well too!

very helpful

super easy to use and great design :)

Not Working

Ever since the update the app is not working. It flashes on for a second then turns off. I uninstalled it so that I could reinstall so that the glitches may go away. Now I'm trying to install it again I can't even enter the district code it keeps turning off please go back to the old version this update is obviously not working. Power School you should read all your recent reviews.

Um fix this app

I like the app but when I downloaded it on my phone it would keep glitching and exit me out of the app. It wouldnt even let me look for me district code!!. So i just deleted the app

Signing in

I can’t sign in it won’t let me

Really bad

After the update I have done PowerSchool has a glitch where I can get in the app for like 4 seconds then the screen turns black and kicks me out.Can it please be fixed

Major issues

Haven’t been able to log into the app the whole year. My grades would never load. Had to use the online website to check. This was true for most of the people at my school.


It’s an awesome app, but you need to be signed in by the school and I find this helpful for my school grades!


OMG! Fix PowerSchool! My grades have changed back to my grades since January and none of my new grades are posted! They were posted before this new version. Please FIX THIS! 😕

ummm grades?

um sorry i think your app is broken because it says my gpa is 1.2 and im hella smart sooo...??


I have to constantly delete the app and re-download because it will have no data on any screen, whether I am using cellular or WiFi. Very annoying!

no impressed

i used to love this app but all of a sudden it just started showing really bad grades?? i think it has something to do with the new update


app never updates the grades and the only useful thing about it are the notifications, I swipe on a notification and it doesn’t change in the app

I have multiple children

I like having the information that this app offers. BUT, I need a platform for multiple students. Please add this feature. Thank y’all.

Way worse then the website

The website is great and useful, but the app is horrible. It won’t tell me any of my grades for my classes, or literally any information. The only thing it tells me is my class schedule! Don’t get this app, it’s useless. Just get on the website.


Can never sign in & boots me out because it says my password is incorrect. So frustrating!!

Barely works

It barley works man

The new update is terrible, go back to the old version!!!

The new update limits the features that you previously had in the old version such as: viewing your schedule, viewing your attendance record, viewing your next year classes, etc. To the developers of this app please go back to the previous version. The new one is very confusing and the old one was a lot better.

Unexpected crashes occur frequently and app rarely loads student info.

I’ve been using Powerschool for my classes for about 4 years now. At first the app was great, but now with the new updates that doesn’t seem to be so. The app is slow to load, crashes every so often, and sometimes doesn’t load student information at all. I’m very disappointed with the app now...needs serious fixing.

An utterly useless app

Please improve the app, how do I get my report card?????

not very reliable

it doesnt load grades n such, also i dont like seeing that i have school on my phone, make it sound better


The app has ceased to function. It is blank.


Works 1/10 of the time

Worst app on my phone

This app has a few good features, but about half the time, it won’t let me log in. It throws a mysterious error about SAML authentication most of the time, which is dumb because my credentials don’t change, so I should be able to log in. Lately, the error has mentioned “single sign-on,” which is also dumb because I’m clearly not logged in anywhere else. The PowerSchool app is a blight. I’m sad that my taxes are paying for the schools to get access to it.

can’t see finals

get your app together so i can see my finals!

Update ruined app

Ever since the update, my app keeps logging out, showing no data or student info. I don’t know what happened but this app has become useless since the update. It doesn’t work the majority of the time.


It won’t show my classes


i NEED this app for school to check my grades asap, but every time i use it i think of deleting. usually i can’t even log into the site due to server issues or other issues within app and on the off chance i can log in it’s extremely laggy.

Needs Organizational Improvement

Having issues with chronological order of grades and organizational layout. I would like to see the most recent scores presenting first. For instance we are in the 4th Quarter, but clicking on a course name, I am taken to a list of assignments from the 2nd Quarter.

Used to be super helpful, not so much anymore

I used this all the time in the beginning of the year! But ever since the update, it’s glitched out so much. All the assignments that I got graded were graded on Friday ( that’s what it said ) but then I logged out and logged back in, it said they were updated today, it still says that. This has happened multiple times, but it used to last a few hours, now it’s not changing at all. Glad its the end of the year, so I won’t need it ://

Latest Update Broke the App

Since the latest update, I keep losing my students’ data and have to log out and log back in to retrieve it. The Android version of this app doesn’t appear to have this problem, and generally is better about keeping grade information up to date. I feel as though iOS users are getting the short shrift here.

Grade and Attendance Change

Hi I’ve come to tell y’all that I don’t get notifications when my grades or attendance has change, I only see it change when I go in the app itself I’ve turned on my notifications on and off re downloading your app so much times and nothing seems to work. It’s very annoying can you please fix this problem I’ve emailed your account and you never responded to me.

Doesn’t load

Since the update, none of my grades or classes can be seen. I just want the old powerschool back so I can see my actual grades!


This app is actually trash. To be honest, I never use it because it is so much easier to log on to my laptop or use safari on my phone. BUT, when it comes to final exams, the app is the only place where you can see them. However, the app won’t allow me to log in. It keeps saying that there is a single server error or something. Anyway this app is trash, so if you can use something else... do it. Deleting and re-downloading Does. Not. Work. I don’t even know what to say. Just use the web version bc this app really isn’t worth your time.

Won’t work

This app for me says I have no Gpa or no classes when I’m signed in and I have tried everything plz fix

Literally won’t let me log in

How am I supposed to see my grades “conveniently” if I can’t even log in? And the issue is 100% the app because I can log in on a web browser. Fix it

Doesn’t work

The app just connect connect to servers, yep.

Needs More Organization

Needs some work, it is difficult to see what assignments are graded on what day because they are all piled up I think that should be fixed so it’s more organized and you can see what was graded on exact days.

It dosent work

This would get 0 stars but that’s not an option get it to at least work and I will change the rating

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